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You refer a friend, we award you!

Sofia, Varna and Ruse, Bulgaria


We are always looking for great people to join the team.

In our personal relationships, each of us has a friend who is currently looking for a job or wants a change. The campaign, aims to allow ForkPoint employees to help with the expansion of the company. If you bring a friend with relevant Web Development experience, you will receive a one-time cash reward, based on their seniority and competences.


Here's how it works:

  • Every friend you have can be referred just once.The recommender will receive only one bonus, regardless of the number of positions for which his friend has been referred

  • If two or more employees recommend the same candidate, the recommendation form received first will be eligible for the bonus or if the forms are put at the same time the bonus will be split

  • There is no limit to the number of people you can recommend, and you will be paid a referral bonus for each valid and successful referral.

  • Participants in the “Bring a Buddy” program must participate in good faith

  • Fork Point will conduct interviews only with the recommended candidates who meet our needs, and will offer jobs only to those candidates who we believe are the most qualified, regardless of how the candidate has reached us

  • The referral program is also open to outsiders who have experienced acquaintances who would like to recommend and believe that they would fit our company culture

  • The bonus will be paid out after the probation period for the newly hired colleague ends

  • The announced bonus amount will be taken into account at the time of the candidate submission

  • The bonus scheme will be subject to change over time


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